Sunday School

The Mountain Grove ecclesia has a Sunday School on Sunday morning from September to June from 9:45-10:45 a.m. The classes are divided into children's classes (4-12), a young adult class and an adult general study class.

The children's classes meet in rooms throughout the hall. They follow a curriculum that takes them through the Bible twice. The first time highlights narratives (stories) and the second time, as students are older, covers the Bible in more depth and starts to look at "first principles", or major themes and doctrines in the Scriptures. After their classes, they meet to sing and enjoy a snack.

The purpose of the young adult class is to encourage class members to become familiar with their Bibles by exploring major themes in the Bible. Recent themes have included the kingdom, sin, death, resurrection, and the old and new covenants. Currently we are studying the book of Daniel. We will be looking at the history and culture of Babylon, and using principles of prophetic interpretation to assist us. The classes follows an informal lecture format with class notes (students bring notebooks). Questions are welcomed.

The main adult class meets in the chapel and rotates through different teachers who each spend 2-3 weeks on a topic. Discussion of the Word of God is encouraged in all classes.

In February, we hold the Sunday School "Entertainment". This Sunday evening event starts with a potluck supper followed by short plays by each of the younger classes on a topic they've studied, and sometimes other acts done by volunteers. This popular event is open to everyone and their friends!