Young People's class

Young Peoples' Class Group Photo

The Mountain Grove Young People meet every Friday night at our new hall or at a member's home. At the beginning of each class, one of the class members presents a different character of the Bible. We have collected a booklet of character outlines which we hope to fill by the end of the year. We have made the classes more interactive, and we have also worked on becoming more involved in the ecclesia. This year, groups of young people have gotten together with the older members in the ecclesia to socialize and to get better acquainted. This is a good experience for us young people, especially since our ecclesia is large, and it is hard to interact with everyone on Sundays. Part of our Friday night events consists of interactive games, and once or twice a year, we all enjoy a scavenger hunt. At the conclusion of each class there is food supplied and we all benefit from the fellowship. We enjoy assembling together on Friday nights to learn about God's word with individuals who share the same precious hope.